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Welcome to Young Women Care - We daily guide young women related like health care, body care, hair care, skin care, lip care, diet plan and more then. Through the work of the helpers, individuals get guideline, consolation, and support as they endeavor to live as per gospel standards.

Reason and Objectives of the Young Women Organization 

The reason for the Young Women association is to enable every young lady to be qualified to make and keep hallowed pledges and get the statutes of the sanctuary. To finish this reason, Young Women pioneers direct every young lady in achieving the accompanying destinations:

1. Fortify her confidence in and declaration of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

2. Comprehend her way of life as a girl of God.

3. Be commendable by complying with the precepts and living gospel measures.

4. Get, perceive, and depend on the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

5. Plan for her perfect parts as a girl, spouse, mother, and pioneer.

6. Comprehend and keep her baptismal pledges.

Young Women Motto and Logo 

The Young Women aphorism is "Remain for Truth and Righteousness."

The light speaks to the light of Christ that can radiate through every young lady. Young women are welcome to "emerge and sparkle forward, that [their] light might be a standard for the countries"

Young Women Values 

The Young Women esteems are Christlike characteristics. Sunday gospel guideline, Mutual, and different exercises enable every young lady to apply these qualities throughout her life.

The accompanying articulations and sacred writing references give understanding into the significance of each esteem. Pioneers should utilize these announcements in lessons. Pioneers urge young women to apply these certainties in their lives and utilize them as assets for talks and introductions.


Guidelines give beyond any doubt heading to reinforce and control individuals from the Church. As young women keep gospel guidelines, they will be of incredible administration in the Church and the world. They will likewise be qualified to get the mandates of the sanctuary.

In the booklet For the Strength of Youth, the First Presidency traces gospel measures and shows youth how to apply them. Each young lady ought to have a duplicate of For the Strength of Youth. She should audit the guidelines frequently and consider how well she is living them.

Young women pioneers should think about the measures in the booklet and embody them. They should discover approaches to instruct and fortify these guidelines regularly in lessons and at Mutual exercises, camp, youth meeting, and different exercises.

Individuals from the precinct and Young Women pioneers can urge guardians to think about gospel benchmarks, represent them, and examine them with their little girls. They can likewise urge young women to use For the Strength of Youth as an asset for family home night lessons and talks.

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